The Symphony Of Sound

"This is an honest design that does not try to impress by being brash but just gets on with producing long term listening pleasure." ~ Ian Ringstead

Our models

At Magnific Acoustics we use a principal we call Acoustic Registration to get around the resonance problems. A perforated baffle inside the cabinet controls the airflow and allows the drive units to perform at their best. A fast light weight paper cone driver is used for the bass /mid unit that produces a linear response over a wide frequency range. The silk dome tweeter was chosen for its smooth linear response to provide hours of fatigue free listening.

Welcome to Magnific Acoustics

Good speakers are the key to getting the best possible audio experience from sound systems. Speakers provide the link between the operations an audio system's components are doing and the physical world where you actually hear the sound being played.

We are a company passionate about sound. Our search for better quality of audio experience began in early 1970's when we designed our first loudspeaker model. Since then we have been trying different approaches, technologies and designs. Our aim is to bring sound to new level. We consider fidelity of sound can only be achieved using lightweight paper drive units. In combination with our technology of acoustic registration of speakers we tried to come nearer to primary source as much as possible. All our models are highly sensitive allowing perfect combination with either transistor or valve amplifiers. Our speakers distinctive feature is the ability to provide detailed reproduction of a large symphonic orchestra, small jazz structure, or a rock group.

Latest News

November 13th 2015.

Paul Rigby reviewed M521 model. The full review can be read here
We are pleased, M521 won award

October 13th 2015.

Ian Ringstead reviewed M521 model for the online magazine Hi-Fi Pig. The full review can be read here